Code Development History

Release of Version 136.5

Code revision to fit Matlab2020               
Rudder moment computation added in postprocessor 
Error in ruddersweep fixed       
Menus changed                     
Bending moment computation correcected  
Strip theory modified                        
General code cleanup                       
Menus changed                             
Unsteady solver added                      
Strip theory added                        
Find static margin function added         
Falling back to slope2 in fcreate lattice       
Move cg to ac def                          
Put allmoving control surfaces allow tor slab tailerons or canards (or fowler flaps).                                
Move apex to wing def in inpt19                  
Reshuffeling input order                         
More input data sanity checks             
Added geometry name to geo in inpt19             
Added project reference to geo in inpt19         
Added allmoving surface to geo in inpt19      
Added geometry Version to geo in inpt19           
Bodyinput.m moved inline with inpt19.            
Changed text in rudder deflection to show abolute setting.                                   
Fixed geometry plotting from geometry edit menu  
Optional Update of old geometry files added.  

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (135)
Unsteady derivatives added
Neutral point search added
Trimmed polars added
New strip theory friction function added
Compressibility function added
Lots of small tweaks

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (134)
Solver system changed
Change directory command changed to functional form
Variable directory names added in config.m
Aircraft trim function added
New solver added, vectorised 6 times faster
Symmetric solver removed
Simple solution now computes derivatives as well
Zero lift drag prediction added
Definition plots added
Result data exporter added

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (132).
New Camber model added, more accurate than before.
Viscosity added to ISA
Subfunctions moved inline
Symmetric solver added
Editor fixed to vork with new foil standard
Batch function added. (tornadobatch.m)
Rotation in boundary condition error fixed

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (131b).
Splash screen added.
Trefftz plane analysis tool added
Altitude - density function added (ISA)
New paneling distributions
Prandtl Glauert Compressibility correction added
New 3-view drawing
Center of gravity added to geometry
Offline validation tool added
Code cleanup.

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (130b).
Wind alignment in body system fixed

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (129b).
Wake alignment fixed
Normal position on panel fixed
Wind to body transform modified
Sideslip computation modified
Standard (Horseshoe) VL method added

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (128b).
Rudder setting problem fixed

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (127b).
Case sensitivity fixed
File converters for geometry files from pre v125 "fOld2New"
Converter from v125 to 126: "f_version_geo_transform"
Rudder matrix transpose problem which resulted in 'index array out of bounds' fixed

Known problems
Version 126b does not work on case sensitive system

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (126b).
Major memory structure changes
More efficient solver (solver8), with vectorized computing
Spell-check etc...
Side force/Drag swap in post processor fixed

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (1.23b).
Reference point position changed to geometry property
Downwash matrix condition computed in solver6
Input function changed to accommodate new variable
Diffbatch changed to accommodate new variable
fOld2New function created to translate old geometry files into new
fLattice_setup created. It's a Wrapper for geosetup and wake setup etc.

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (1.20).
New Cmac computation added
Graphical C_mac and refpoint added
Span load computation and graph added
Beta sign inconsistency corrected
Wake roll inconsistency corrected
Wake length edited
NACA profile slope error corrected
Refpoint move to MAC added
Input questions fixed for flapped asymmetric wings
Mean geometric chord added (not used yet)

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (1.19)

Release of the upgraded version of Tornado (1.16)

Release of the first alpha version of Tornado

Pre-release beta development remarks available in the program.